Why is it important?

A significant number of school going children tend to drop out before they begin secondary education. Adolescent girls continue to be denied opportunities due to restricted mobility, limited education and early marriage. There is little understanding on preventive health care in rural pockets.

It’s been shown that well-designed sports initiatives can be a powerful tool for development:

  • There is a positive correlation between sports and increased school attendance levels.
  • Sports can be really useful in instilling essential life skills that contribute to productive employment opportunities.

What are the priority areas for action?

An active engagement with sports at the community level is essential to address concerns and stereotypes.

  • Safe and inclusive environment: The existing community spaces should provide safe spaces for sport and engage key influencers to communicate effectively ‘sports for development’ approach.
  • High-quality sports experience:This comprises of provision of quality sports training through coaches who build confidence in learners.
  • Mentors for children: This involves initiatives to invest in capacities of community youth to enable them as mentors who in turn would guide  learners further.

How has Parivartan been driving change on the ground?

Community Sports initiative ‘Umang’ aims to engage, inform and sensitize community children using sports as a tool for social upliftment. Through Sports for Development (S4D) sessions each child participates in an experiential learning process that is facilitated by CYL (Community Youth Leader). Another initiative Sports for excellence is targeted at grooming children as professional sportsperson. With regular coaching and practice, these boys and girls are making their presence felt in the domain of organized sports. Leadership-in-action employs leadership modules to develop thoughts of CYLs on issues surrounding leadership and society and to ensure their transition into community champions.

Additionally, Parivartan undertakes the following interventions in communities and schools to create opportunities for sports led development at the grassroots level;

  • build and refine leadership potential of community youth through regular trainings and workshops,
  • empower school students and teachers through standardized sessions which combine sports and social messages and,
  • engage community on utility of sports for children.

Magic Bus India Foundation took the initial foundational steps to deepen this program in the community.

How can you support the cause?

  • Share your own experiences and learning with children and/or teachers
  • Talk to us to explore opportunities to partner