Why is it important?

Indian agriculture continues to be primarily a subsistence activity. Due to increased marginalization of land holdings and lower average yield and overuse of fertilizers there has been an immense loss of soil fertility. Salinity and erosion add to farmers woes. There is a sizeable room for improving yield and making it environmentally sustainable. There is a need to assist farmers in accessing the inputs in order  to sustainably increase the quantity as well as quality of crops.

What are the priority areas for action?

Investing in knowledge and capacities of farmers is the key here. The priority areas for action are following:

  • Conservation agriculture: These methods result into higher yield and saving by reducing input costs. A social organization can help to enhance technology adoption by farmers.
  • Shared knowledge: Social organizations can partner with community collectives or kisan samooh to share understanding on improved agricultural practices, livelihoods, health and nutrition.

How has Parivartan been driving change on the ground?

Parivartan intends to educate and empower the farmers with the latest technology, technical know-how and high quality affordable inputs so as to enhance average yield and make farming a sustainable venture. Haryali Krishi Gyan Kendra houses knowledge bank of seeds, fertilizers and technology. Parivartan Kisan Club and Kisan Chaupal routinely facilitate discussions on a range of issues and solutions. On-field demonstrations influence adoption of such practices among farmers. Farmers from nearby villages seek information on seed choices and related aspects in vulnerable climate conditions. The range of initiatives have drawn support from its partnership with several organizations like Biovarsity International, IARI (Pusa), ICAR RCER (Patna), the Agriculture department (Siwan) and CSISA (Cereals Systems Initiatives for South Asia.

How can you support the cause?

  • Share your own experiences and learning with children and/or teachers
  • Talk to us to explore opportunities to partner