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Objective of the Vertical

Promote physical and mental well-being in society and develop understanding of basic life skills. Motivate and train youth for participation in district, block, state, national and international level games.

Challenges in the Sector

Sports over the years has become an essential of the Indian Society. Be it cricket or wrestling, we all are aware of the sporting prowess of our legends. Yet we still lag behind many countries because of the lack of culture of participation and inclusiveness.

Over the years the Government has promoted sports through myriad schemes at the grassroots levels. However, we are yet to achieve inclusivity at every level, especially encouraging participation of girls. Sports for development is not just about games and activities but a way to achieve larger development goals. Studies have shown that sports based activities have the potential to prevent diseases, increase school attendance, improve learning levels, foster gender equity and build skills that are required for employment and economic development. From being a tool for holistic development to a source of leisure or luxury, the outlook towards sports has changed over the time in India. This has led to under investment in sporting infrastructure and culture. Studies show that less than 1 percent of the population under 35 years of age has access to any organized sport and less than 10 percent of children have access to a playground. Denying the majority of the population the access to such necessities not only denies them the right to play but also denying them the chance to be at school, enhance their life skills and improve their health.

Program Details

Promoting participation of people from different age groups, Parivartan’s Community Sports vertical is an initiative which aims to build enthusiasm, develop healthy competition, cultivate leadership skills, and inculcate the idea of social responsibility amongst the youth and children. It works to communicate the concept of inclusive development and sensitivity towards society and community. Umang uses sports as a tool for development in the lives of children and youth of the community. Through several initiatives, we attempt to outline tangible actions that can be implemented at local levels and encourage individuals to participate in different sports for inclusive development.


A curriculum has been designed for S4D programme that focuses on attending school regularly, practising hygiene, understanding the role of language in creating harmony in society and ensuring gender equality. The programme is implemented by Community Youth Leaders (CYL) in every village.The CYLs in each community are guided and supported by Youth Mentors. Through ‘Sit, Breathe and Think’ exercise, children reflect and learn the important messages hidden in every game and activity.

Based on specially designed games and activities, LIA prepares children and youth to take important decisions on life goals by mentoring them. This model has been designed after a deep study of imperative changes required and desired by these communities. The curriculum aims to train children on the basis of this model and changes are largely visible. Children are involved in activities such as maintenance of playing fields, mobilizing other children which help in building leadership skills in them.


Umang has been continuously encouraging community members to participate in different sports to create social cohesion and harmony. Bringing together children, youth and women from every walks of life, Umang has been successful in conducting various events and workshops. We have been tirelessly working towards training and supporting children and youth in our community. In recent years, Umang has been putting efforts to promote Kabaddi and Cycling among the youth and children in every community. Through these initiatives, Umang has also been attempting to bridge the gender gap in sports by encouraging young girls to participate in football, kabaddi and cycling. We have been able to organize these tournaments with the help of organizations like Bihar Cycling Association, Avon Cycles and Bihar Kabaddi Association.

Umang through its various programs has made efforts to promote football and recreate the values of collective consciousness. Regular trainings and workshops are organized to train and support players to be part of bigger tournaments. Many talented young boys and girls have been part of State and National tournaments like Under-19 National Football Tournament, Subroto Football Cup, Khelo India, National Cycling Competition and other local level tournaments.

The participation of girls who are trained under expert football coaches is a motivating sight for all. This has further extended the possibilities for other girls in the community and highlights a major intervention to mobilize young girls. Through events like the Gully Olympics, we are also trying to revive traditional games in the community.

We also started Athletics Training from this year with a 10 day training with  Sports Coaches from DPS Patna. This helped in setting the foundation of Parivartan’s athletics initiative.


Parivartan has collaborated with Magic Bus in the past to lay the foundation of Sports based learning. Umang has been established under their guidance.

Case Story

Prashant Kumar, father Mr. Nath Sah, is a resident of village Chhajwa Ballia and is a student of class 10 of Government Middle School, Bangra Ujjain. 

In the month of April 2017, Prashant was promoted from class 8 to class 9 and he also  became a part of Leadership in Action program run by Parivartan. In these sessions, Prashant got the opportunity to learn different aspects of leadership like communication skills, identifying his strengths and weaknesses, making decisions and leading a group of people. Prashant was really  interested in learning various aspects of leadership skills and looked forward to every session in his school. Prashant was active and took interest in learning everything that was taught. Gradually, he joined the football sessions at Parivartan.

Prashant was always on a look out for an opportunity through which he wanted to make a difference. In this process, the Tarang Sports Competition started in the school, which was a great opportunity to do something for it. He participated in Tarang, a Sports Competition organised at his school and got second place in the 1500 meter district level of this competition in 2018.

Currently, he is a student of class 10. As Prashant is determined to bring good marks in matriculation examination, he has taken a break from sports to focus on studies. His dream is to become a doctor.