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Objective of the Vertical

Introduce developed forms and techniques in agriculture practices at Parivartan. Conduct hands-on experiments and demonstrations regarding the usage of machines and advanced tillage and harvesting practices. Provide a new dimension to agriculture. Promote intensive techniques with less water usage, protection against abrupt climate changes and the importance of integrated water management. Promote production of pulses and achieve nutrition security for all, especially women and children through promotion of kitchen gardens. Popularise the concept of cooperative farming and agricultural loans and facilitate easy access to fertilizer and machinery. Encourage women to take up farming.

Challenges in the Sector

Globalization policies in the 1980s and particularly during 1990s and beyond have introduced many complex challenges for agriculture in India. Some of the consequences and impacts of globalization are, exposure of domestic agriculture to international competition, growth of non-agricultural sectors and its impact on demand for agricultural products, urban middle class life-style changes including diets, rising food imports in developing countries, competitiveness and diversification of domestic production systems, vertical integration of the food supply chain, etc(Pinglai, 2006). Demographic pressures have also created a significant increase in small and marginal farm holdings. Even after numerous schemes and initiatives have been introduced, these challenges still continue to pose threat to farmers in India.

Program Details: Parivatan–Krishi Gyan Kendra seeks to revive interest in agriculture and help build faith in its profitable structure through positive initiatives. With the help of hands-on experiments, demonstrations, talks and extended services it ensures that the benefits of agriculture are available to a maximum number of farmers. Parivartan intends to educate and empower the farmers with the latest technology, technical know-how and high quality affordable inputs so as to enhance average yield and make farming a sustainable venture.

Parivartan has connected with farmers from 21 villages with the aim to create awareness about the latest initiatives of the Government and other organizations. We also attempt to provide farmers advanced technical knowledge with focus on optimum utilization of water, protection against abrupt climate changes and sustainable agriculture. Latest developments like the use of zero tillage machines and intercropping that use very few resources are being demonstrated to the farmers in our community.


Hariyali Krishi Gyan Kendra organizes regular workshops and events to expose farmers to new and advanced developments in the field of agriculture. By promoting diversity in the field of agriculture, we celebrate National Women Farmers Day on 15th October, every year. The objective is to motivate and encourage women farmers to be self-reliant through various forms of discussions and interactions. Another major event of Hariyali Krishi Gyan Kendra is Kisan Mela. It is an annual event that was incepted with the objective of exposing farmers to the best practices and latest technical and agricultural know-how. Workshops on Rabi and Kharif crops, helps farmers understand about the innovative practices to keep their crops healthy and safe during changing seasons.


Collaborating with well-known organizations has opened up gateways of possibilities for many farmers in our community. Drawing support from ICAR(Indian Council of Agricultural Research), Pusa has helped us reach farmers with new varieties of crops and vegetables. Recently, Parivartan has registered as a Farmers Producers Company to support farmers by ensuring access to seeds and fertilizers at subsidized prices.

Case Story

Mr. Kamal Dev Kumar is a resident of Gorakh Shah Bhavrajpur, in Jiradei Block. His main source of livelihood is agriculture. Kamal usually cultivates paddy and wheat. Every year, he cultivates wheat on his two acre land. Kamal cultivates 30 to 35 kg wheat per Kattha which together becomes almost equal to the total cost.

Parivartan, is  situated at a distance of 4 km away from his house. Kamal got to know about Hariyali Krishi Gyan Kendra, a vertical working towards supporting agriculture which gives farmers the opportunity to learn about new agricultural knowledge and technology. So he decided to connect with Hariyali Krishi Gyan Kendra. He met our facilitators who advised him to use HD 2967 species of wheat on his farm. He sowed this in his farm and got a produce of  1 quintal per Kattha this year, which was three times more than the yield of last year. This is mostly possible because of the advice and guidance given by facilitators of Hariyali Krishi Gyan Kendra from time to time. Because of Parivartan, Kamal feels that he has been able to increase his yields and improve his economic forefront. Kamal is recognised as a skilled farmer and is an example for many in his village.