Parivartan is an initiative geared towards integrated rural community development. It is based on an integrated concept which assumes that each system is open to exchange from another system in its environment. It assumes that change in one system has the potential to influence the others. No one method or one level of intervention is necessarily uniquely suited to bring about the desired change in the community. Therefore, through its Cross Vertical Initiatives, Parivartan has taken concerted efforts towards this. The emphasis is on enhancing the overall well-being of people from 21 villages through a host of grass root initiatives.The villages have been carefully selected to align with its objective of  scaling deep for the holistic and heuristic development of our communities. We at Parivartan, firmly believe that overall development can happen only if all sections of the rural society rise instead of just one as this would only lead to selective development.

Parivartan builds upon the local resources, rural values and synergistic effects of multiple activities across diverse areas of work. This not only allows Parivartan to work towards becoming an enabling space for our communities and team members but also empowers it to work more effectively through Capacity Building. This also helps people understand better the ideas and the processes of Community Engagement and their development.

Parivartan believes in collaboration and coordination. By bringing together the best practices from other social organizations, it aims to leverage the expertise and experience of its partners. Lastly, it is reflective in its approach as it constantly strives to evolve based on the learnings.