Parivartan emanated from the idea of a space that could host cultural and awareness programs. In October 2011, Parivartan hosted the first SPIC MACAY Rural School Intensive (RSI) wherein more than 300 rural students from 30 districts of Bihar participated in a six day residential program. The objective was to initiate and expose rural children towards aesthetic and cultural appreciation of Indian arts. This was in sync with Takshila’s vision of promoting Indian culture and art. Thereafter, the Gramin Dak Utsav was organized to spread awareness on kinds and varieties of postal service. In October 2012, Parivartan hosted the first Rural Immersion Program (RIP), conceptualized for DPS Patna students with the objective of sensitizing them towards grassroots challenges.

Parivartan actively collaborated with several organizations to chart out its own model for community development. The earlier emphasis was on rural youth. Skills and Livelihood programs started first with Pratham-PACE and IL & FS to provide employment readiness skills for rural youth. Another ambitious initiative was ‘Youth for Change’ (YFC) program under the mentorship of an experienced social scientist, Dr. Rajeshwar Mishra. Here the aim was to prepare community youth to undertake leadership roles that bring about effective social change. Alongside this, Parivartan started collaborating with other social organizations like CSISA, Jodo Gyan, Jyoti Mahila Samakhya, SEWA Bharat and Magic Bus India Foundation to develop its rural community development program.