Parivartan believes in a holistic and heuristic development of rural communities. The idea is to inculcate a sense of commitment, and responsibility towards our ecological and cultural resources as well as build a capacitated, skilled and inclusive society which motivates, nurtures and inspires people to dream of future life goals. The idea is also to create opportunities of growth based on individual interests, choices and cultural traditions. In realizing this vision we seek to strengthen, motivate and partner with local bodies engaged in the same objectives. Through joint efforts, we hope to create respectable means of living and livelihood so that the deprived communities are duly empowered.


In order to achieve the desired outcomes we have outlined certain objectives and goals.

  • Support and strengthen Integrated Child Development Service Centers in our working area through training programmes and demonstrations. Seek to set up and run model Child Development Centers in different areas and share the outcomes of our experiments with similarly aspiring rural government and non- government organizations.
  • Seek to bring about awareness and understanding amongst adolescents regarding reproductive health and to initiate a dialogue within the society, so that a healthy and positive outlook is created on these issues.
  • Support children in acquiring language skills, communication, expression, creativity and leadership skills. Share these efforts with other schools in the area through continuous co-coordination and support.
  • Develop cognitive skills and enhance creativity in children through arts and crafts especially painting and drawing exercises. Develop innovative learning techniques and language skills through such exercises.
  • promote a scientific temper amongst children and perpetuate a sense of ingenuity and curiosity Through hands-on science space, sharing and learning with various schools of the area. Conduct Workshops for both teachers and students of the area so that the learning is transferred to various schools of the area.
  • Develop leaders in communities for children and adults who inspire others, work on social issues and transfer learning to the communities.
  • Promote physical and mental well-being in society and develop understanding of basic life skills. Motivate and train youth for participation in district, block, state, national and international level Games.
  • Support women and adolescent girls and build a coherent network between themselves for various Women’s causes. Support and work collectively towards their education, capacity building, and livelihood thus creating a more equal environment in society. Overcome the existing roadblocks by creating awareness and motivation.
  • Develop a positive environment towards theatre and music within the Parivartan campus and the Communities outside. Involve the youth in reviving the lost traditions of singing and theatre existent within the rural communities in collaboration with other verticals at Privartan. Introduce innovative learning with the help of songs, stories and poetry. Motivate local youth and others from the communities and train to constitute a group of confident actors who in future can hope to earn a viable livelihood and acquire National and International fame
  • Introduce developed forms and techniques in agriculture practices at Parivartan. Conduct hands-on experiments and demonstrations regarding the usage of machines and advanced tillage and harvesting practices. Provide a new dimension to agriculture. Promote intensive techniques with less water usage, protection against abrupt climate changes and the importance of integrated water management. Promote production of pulses and achieve nutrition security for all, especially women and children through promotion of kitchen gardens. Popularise the concept of cooperative farming and agricultural loans and facilitate easy access to fertilizer and machinery. Encourage women to take up farming.
  • Revive the lost art of terracotta and realise its commercial potential by adapting it as a sustainable means of livelihood. Involve local potters and all interested community members so that they learn new skills in future.
  • Revive Khadi in our communities through women, creating many livelihood opportunities by involving women in weaving, spinning fabric, dyeing and stitching of the finished product. Encouraging women at the local level to create a niche relationship with stakeholders at the National and International level.
  • Create opportunities through local means and resources. Coordinate and collaborate with national and international agencies and develop- a harmonious interpersonal relationship in favour of the rural communities Parivartan seeks to look forward.