Why is it important?

Investing in the crafts sector offers tremendous opportunity to improve the socio-economic conditions of rural communities. While this definitely contributes to growth opportunity, weaving represents an opportunity to provide home-based employment within the household. This helps improve status within the household.

What are the priority areas for action?

Social organizations can play instrumental role in preserving traditional crafts and improving  income of the artisans.

  • Ensuring market coverage: Introducing design elements to make crafts relevant to urban markets and strengthening market presence through active branding would be helpful.
  • Capacity building: Investing in the training to upgrade their skills and product offerings shall empower artisans.

How has Parivartan been driving change on the ground?

The weaving initiative aims to revive handlooms by taking care of forward and backward linkages in a traditional weaver’s village Jamaal Haata and Hathauri. Several handloom and pre-loom processing works have taken roots. This initiative seeks to restore confidence of the youth in traditional crafts, as in the absence of patronage many of the disheartened youth have chosen to migrate to the Middle East, seeking better opportunities. 35 handlooms and 43 households have been engaged thus far.

The stitching Unit at Parivartan formally inaugurated in Feb 2016. There are a total 24 power operated industrial sewing machines. Presently there are 36 operators, 4 trainee operators, 12 support workers, besides a Master Tailor and an Assistant Manager-production. Assembly line production system is followed, where Garment Sewing is divided into different operations and one operator does one or more operations but not the entire garment. The unit has already produced 8600 Full sleeve shirts and 11900 Half sleeve shirts. Winter 2017 orders are in production which includes Full sleeve shirts, trousers, tunics and skirts. All these women are from near by villages like Santhu, Banthu, Babu Bhatkan, Mia Bhatkan, Bharauli, Bhavrajpur, Dharampur.

How can you support the cause?

  • Share your own experiences and learning with children and/or teachers
  • Talk to us to explore opportunities to partner