Parivartan seeks to empower rural community through collective impact. Parivartan works on education in a holistic way.

Addressing early childhood needs:

Baal Ghar Aangan set-up at Parivartan has been able to demonstrate the key constituents of pre-school set up by ensuring AWCs and Sevikas recognize the significance of a hands-on space with print-rich and child centric environment. It attempts to lay down linguistic and conceptual foundations for school learning.

Emphasis on developing scientific skills for upper primary children:

Vigyanshala at Parivartan has been able to engage and nurture scientific understanding through models and enquiry.

Emphasis on sustainable agricultural practices:

Haryali Krishi at Parivartan has facilitated field demonstrations and mutual information sharing on best practices. It has also made available good quality inputs and basic know how of modern techniques of farming among small and marginal farmers.

Emphasis on securing livelihood options:

Parivartan has undertaken weaving revival in traditional handicraft villages and is working towards secure livelihood opportunities for youth and households.

Emphasis on collaboration:

Parivartan has been able to forge strong partnership with several social organizations. It has leveraged the expertise of partner organisations to implement innovative development initiatives.

Emphasis on quality learning outcomes for primary children:

Baal Ghar Kislay at Parivartan has been able to groom and channelize children’s creativity through writings. This emphasis on reading through the primary classes is essential to give children a solid foundation for school learning.

Emphasis on creative expression for upper primary children:

Gharaunda at Parivartan has enhanced opportunities of creative expression for children through illustrations and paintings.

Emphasis on empowering adolescent girls and women:

Jagriti Mahila Samakhya has vitalized the participating of women and adolescent girls into Mahila Samooh, enhancing their self-esteem and enhancing access to information about their rights.

Emphasis on children’s socio-emotional wellbeing:

Umang at Parivartan has been able to promote a safe and supportive sports environment for children. This has engaged children and youth in bridging relationships across social, economic and cultural divides within society.