Why is it important?

A community is about its people. With the changing times and urban migration, it’s becoming difficult to keep the cultural folk forms alive. The loss of intangible art forms would amount to irreparable loss of intangible heritage of communities. Efforts are needed to preserve these forms.

People are bound in a community through shared experiences. Theatre provides an important forum where people come together and engage in discussions. A sense of belonging/association can be cultivated through empathy and effective communication of theatre practices.

What are the priority areas for action?

An active community engagement is essential for a community based organization. A social organization can invest in the capacities of individuals from the community as well as work on the knowledge base.

  • Empowered community: Social organizations can empower the community to address its problems.
  • Knowledge base: Reinforcing the knowledge base can be useful.

How has Parivartan been driving change on the ground?

Community Theatre has been conceptualized as local repertory and aspires to keep the conventional forms of folk theatre alive and active. Parivartan Natya Mandali constitutes of 15 local artistes from 10 villages. Several plays Panchlight, Gabar Ghichor, Putan Ki Ram Leela, Ala Afsar, Tum Sum Purush Na Mo Sum Naari–have been staged at Parivartan . Grameen Natya Utsav is also conducted to introduce to rural audiences, a theatre of different taste and theme. Nukkad Nataks are employed to sensitize community on important issues like gender, sanitation etc. Children Repertory is also being targeted at creating learning opportunities for children using theatre forms. IPTA as an organization and several important theatre personalities like Sanjay Upadhyay have been involved here.

How can you support the cause?

  • Share your own experiences and learning with children and/or teachers
  • Talk to us to explore opportunities to partner