Parivartan works at the Panchayati as well as the village level. Parivartan’s focus area comprises of 36 villages in 8 Panchayats of Jiradei and Aandar. We call these 36 villages, Parivartan communities.

Core Area- 17 villages from 5 panchayats

This is the focus areas where all the verticals work together, utilising a holistic and integrated approach to community development. This area is also at an intimate distance from the Parivartan Campus, allowing denser impact in an efficient manner.

Peripheral Area- 19 villages

The villages along the outer boundary represent the peripheral areas where Parivartan utilises alternate models of development. As these villages are at a significant distance from the Parivartan Campus, we indulge in programmes that are executed by community leaders from the communities itself.