Parivartan is an initiative geared towards integrated rural community development. The emphasis is on enhancing the overall well-being of rural people from 36 villages through a host of grass roots initiatives. Parivartan believes in rural development that is holistic as well as heuristic. It works through various domains based on the needs of the communities. It simultaneously engages in a positive way with the entire ecosystem as well.

Parivartan builds upon local resources, rural values and synergistic effects of multiple activities across diverse areas of work. This not only allows Parivartan to work towards expanding the idea of freedom of life and living but it also  empowers  it to work more effectively in terms of capacity building. This also helps people understand better, the ideas and processes of development.

Parivartan believes in collaboration and coordination. By bringing together the best practices from other social organizations it aims to leverage the expertise and experience of its partners.